Pre-Assessment Process

Client Pre-Requisites

Requirements for a successful Assessment.

  • Access to all IT, Network, and Server locations at the site.
  • Administrator login credentials to all servers, and domain controller access (required).
  • Access to 2 devices onsite with administrative capabilities, and 1 remote device (remote optional).
  • Preferred printed floorplan or layout to use for notes

Dove Sales Pre-Assessment

Requirements for Dove Sales Team Member Prior To Onsite


Set up Teams Meeting

Invitees: Client Principals (IT included), Service Tech, DoveIT personnel

Time/Date: At least 2 business days from Appt

Location: Ensure Location Address is in invite and is a Teams meeting.

Ensure Pre-Requisites are in the invite notes.


Fill the form out to the best of your ability.

Click here to open the form.

This will allow you to go back to it later, don’t worry.


Look Through Dark Web Report

Check for any names on the report against known management and executives. Helps to identify high risk and already breached leadership potential.


Understand Initial Role

When you arrive onsite, you are the lead contact for the client. In order to facilitate the service tech assessment, please ensure the tech has access to the server room, has logged into the server, and connected with DoveIT personnel.


Prepare Questions and Follow up

Prepare follow up questions on issues or comments made that match in line with the assessment questionnaire.

If floorplan is provided, send a copy to DoveIT, and print a couple copies for the service technician and yourself for notes.

Operations Pre-Assessment

Requirements for DoveIT Personnel

Identify Email

Identify Email Service Provider by MX Record

Microsoft 365 Tenant Check

Perform a Tenant Check on known domains

DNS Registrar

Look up the Registrar for the known domains, and validate

Review Discovery Call notes

Review all the notes from the Discovery call to know any details you might need to get additional information regarding

Onsite Assessment Process

Dove Assessment Onsite Steps

Use this as a general guide of steps to complete. Communicate with DoveIT team on a Teams call and send all relevant photos and files to the Teams chat.

Important: you cannot share files or photos with a chat/meeting if a non-Dove user is invited. Please use internal chat/meeting links only, or it won’t work!

If you are provided a floorplan, make notes of locations for follow up. Send a photo of the floorplan and notes before you leave.

Sales and Service should be together for all of this portion of the process.

Look Around

Take photos of cameras, door access controls, wireless access points, network switches on desks, behind computers, as you see them deployed.

COnfirm Access

Ensure you can enter all network and IT closets, and locations of servers. Sometimes you need to use someone’s computer to remotely log into a server, so let’s look at the main server area before remote connection for assessment.

Call DoveIT On Teams

Once you have access to the server room, the service technician should call DoveIT on Teams to begin the network, ISP, and main IT room overview.

Photos will be taken later; this is just a general identification process. Ensure we have access to return to this room and any other networking closets/locations.

Remote Login To Server

Go to in a web browser on the server, and download our remote support tool. Once connected, Sales will move to an office or conference room to complete the online form portion of the assessment.

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