Welcome To DoveIT

A few things we would like you to know

We’re excited to start this journey with you and your organization! In order to have the best experience, we’d like to give you a brief summary of what we do.

Protect Your Environment

We protect your accounts, devices, and network connections to ensure your working in a secure environment. “Secure” doesn’t mean “Safe”, so always be vigilent! If you need a second opinion, contact us!

Safety No Matter Where You Are

We can connect to your organization devices instantly anywhere you have internet access. We can also make one-time connections to personal devices, cell phones, and tablets to help you on the device you need!

DoveIT Is A Part OF Your Team

Our goal is to see you and your organization succeed. Our team is available to work with you M-F 8AM to 5PM Eastern through chat, email, and our support portal.

Your Satisfaction Matters

We are always listening. Your feedback matters. Every support request has a feedback survey for every ticket completed. We won’t bug you, the option is always there!


You have questions. wE have answers.

Here’s the most common questions about working with DoveIT.

How do I get help?

You can reach our help desk team many different ways:

How do I know the status of my support request?

Every time our team updates your request, you will receive an email. If you need to see more information, you can go to your ticket dashboard. This is linked in every email or on our support portal, which is the first option in the agent menu.

My request is resolved, but it happened again. What should I do?

If a request has been marked resolved and needs to be reopened, just reply to the last email! If it’s been less than a week, it will reopen the request! If longer, it will create a new one for you!

What about support outside of business hours?

Unfortunately, issues don’t work 9-5, so we understand things can go wrong no matter the time or day. Our proactive management means we get alerts to the most common issues that impact your organization, and our on-call support teams monitor and respond as needed. If you need support outside of normal hours that is outside of that process, submit a ticket through our support portal, and select the escalation option. Please note there may be additional charges.